Warning! Construction underway! Amatino is in an 'alpha' state. Not all features are operational. See roadmap

Development roadmap

Amatino is under construction. Not all features are yet operational. Our plans currently break development into four phases worth of objectives.

This page presents a very high-level view of Amatino development progress. To down into the nitty-gritty detail, check out the Amatino Blog, subscribe to the Development Newsletter, and join the discussion on the Amatino Forums.

1: Core R&D Complete

  • Develop RESTful HTTP API
  • Comprehensive documentation of HTTP API
  • Publicly deploy on test-grade infrastructure in Sydney
  • Build billing, deployment, and monitoring tools

2: Alpha release In Progress

  • Begin gathering boat-loads of public user feedback, and alter/improve design in response
  • Deploy to multiple global cities based on public feedback and demand
  • Transition to production-grade server infrastructure
  • Implement full API functionality in client libraries (Swift, C# .NET, Python, Javascript) incl. documentation
  • Release minimum-viable versions of MacOS and Windows client applications

3: Beta releaseFuture

  • Slog through backlog of bugs, crushing and squashing without mercy
  • Complete global deployment in all practicable global cities
  • Seek community advice about post-release strategy

4: Ship it!Future

  • Breath
  • Formally 'release' Amatino service, libraries, and client applications
  • Begin long-term refinement and improvement of the Amatino service