About the Amatino API

The Amatino Application Programming Interface (API) is a high performance, scalable, and thoroughly documented service providing double-entry accounting functionality on demand.

Circle the Earth

Amatino operates on a global scale. Data are stored in geographic locations of your choice, from San Francisco, to Sydney, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and everywhere in between. That means your requests are met fast, with the absolute minimum latency.

Give me encryption, or give me death

Commitment to security informs everything we do. The data you entrust to our care are sacrosanct: We encrypt them at rest, in transit, and authenticate all requests with stringent crypotographic standards.

Transparent business model

We don't mine your data. We don't run machine-learning algorithms over your data. We don't sell insights gleaned from your data. We don't have a shady subsidary selling aggregated metrics about your data to advertisers.

Our business model is simple: We provide the best double-entry accounting service on Earth, and you pay us a monthly subscription fee.

Accessible development

The Amatino development team is at your service. No premium support plan needed. You can talk to us directly on the Amatino discussion forum, peruse our development musing on the Amatino blog, and stay up to date on the latest features by subscribing to the Amatino development newsletter.

Open-source code

Open-source Amatino libraries are available for Python, Swift, Javascript, and C#/.NET. Grab them from Github , or their respective package managers. You're welcome to fork them, copy them, point out our mistakes, make pull requests, and request new features.


... Is hard when there isn't one. Amatino has a manual, and it's comprehensive. We document the full range of API behaviour and provide examples on how to perform common operations.