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Amatino is a public application programming interface (API) providing double-entry accounting as an on demand service. You can make requests like ‘store a transaction’, ‘retrieve a ledger’, ‘create an account’, and so on: The fundamental building blocks of an accounting system.

Today, Amatino goes public! :tada:

The Amatino API obeys the semantic versioning (SemVer) convention. Today’s release is version 0.0.1. It is very likely that Amatino’s interfaces will be somewhat unstable for the foreseeable future. You could call it an ‘Alpha’ release, implying that not all features are ready and there are likely to be catastrophic bugs.

Despite being in an Alpha state, Amatino is feature-rich and ready to do some serious accounting work. The whole ecosystem weighs in at about 60,000 lines of code, and has been in development for several years. There are alpha versions of Swift, Python, and JavaScript (Node.JS) client libraries available, as well as comprehensive documentation of the raw HTTP API.

This blog tracks development progress, and will provide release notes and commentary as the Amatino API and its client libraries are further developed. You can get development news direct to your inbox via the development newsletter, and chat about development on the discussion forums.

You can get in contact with me directly at or via @hugh_jeremy on Twitter. I’d love to chat about potential applications for Amatino, what features you would like to see, what bugs you have encountered (sorry!), and your general feedback.

One final note: Amatino is designed to be globally distributed, minimising latency to end-users by being physically close to them. Today I’ve deployed to servers in California and Northern Virginia. However, I can easily deploy to other regions, such as the UK or Australia. If you are keen to experiment with Amatino sitting closer to your physical location, hit me up and I’ll be happy to deploy to your region.



Not included the original blog post: My shivering nervous fear at the fact that this baby is now out in the big wide world!