Initial Feed Back


Hi Hugh,

I’ve just gone through your website which is great and full of detail! I just wanted to raise a few points that you might consider going forward:

  • To me Amatino is the next generation of accounting software so I think it’s BETTER than “a great way to store, organise, and retrieve financial information” so tell us that.

  • In the subscription process I got a notification that my password was too short but I couldn’t see anywhere what the password rules were and didn’t realise it had to be 12 words.

  • For your Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Offer Details documents I’ve come to expect them to pop-up in a new tab (instead of the same) so that I can read/re-read them later.

  • Also my confirmation email was sent to my promotions tab in gmail which you might want to warn people about just in case they miss.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


OMG Andrew thank you! You’re the first person to post feedback! :heart:️ This is so exciting! Points noted. Going to set about addressing them ASAP.


@bondichi started ticking of some items in your list:

Just had another tester suffer the ‘Gmail Promotions’ fate. Fixing that looks like it is going to be a real battle…


@Bondichi - why so serious?