API v0.0.3 Released


Originally published at: https://amatino.io/blog/api-v0-0-3-released/

A new version of the Amatino API has been deployed to all regions. v0.0.3 is not fully backwards compatible with v0.0.2. v0.0.3 makes the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug which could cause Balance retrieval to yield null in the balance value.
  • Replaced <> characters with () to denote negative values.
The second change is the big bad backwards compatibility breaker. Say you recorded a debit of $10 against an asset account. In 0.0.1, Amatino would have retrieved the balance as <10.00>. Now, it will return (10.00).

To be honest, I have no idea why I was using <> to begin with. There might have been some logic to it, perhaps because it is the default for negative numbers in PostgreSQL. But it’s not appropriate for an accounting system, where convention heavily favours ().

[caption id=“attachment_82” align=“alignnone” width=“1246”] A screenshot showing progress in a unit test run. Many tests had to be adjusted for compatibility with 0.0.3[/caption]

This kind of breaking change is not something I take lightly. Amatino obeys the Semantic Versioning convention, wherein versions before 1.0.0 may make breaking changes at any time. Regardless, I want breaking changes to be few and far between, if they must occur at all.

In future, once Amatino hits 1.0.0 and is stabilised, a breaking change would be pushed to a new major version and would require opt-in. You will never have to worry about a breaking change after 1.0.0.

- Hugh