During alpha, the billing system will run like ass

Update 27 Jun, 18 – The Amatino Alpha servers have been relocated to N. Virginia, USA. The billing system no longer runs like ass! But it will still be buggy. If you find a bug, email me! hugh@amatino.io

Original article posted May 28, 18:

Amatino’s billing system is super flexible. You can switch seamlessly between plans, billing currencies, and numbers of users. You can choose to be billed by API request or by seat. Everything is pro-rated.

And it runs terribly.

Almost every page in the billing system takes more than a second to load. It’s awful.  This awfulness will only persist during the alpha stage of Amatino development. Once we hit beta, the billing system will perform much more responsively.

We can blame the slow alpha billing system on the speed of light. Amatino’s alpha servers are located in Australia. Underlying the billing system is Stripe, a slick payment processor based in the US. Every time you try to visit a billing page, Amatino’s Australian servers strike up a conversation with Stripe. With more than 200ms latency, and three round trips per HTTPS request, things slow to an awful crawl.

I considered stripping all the Stripe requests into asynchronously loaded interface elements, but decided that a little bit of alpha stage pain was acceptable, and that efforts were best expended elsewhere.

So, I’m sorry for the slowness. Once Amatino’s beta servers come on-line, the latency to Stripe will drop to the single digits and the billing system will speed up.