Hello, world!

Amatino provides double-entry accounting as a service. It was born from a desire to create a generic, powerful, programmable accounting service. It is inspired by the brilliant GnuCash project, whose developers exhibit skill and devotion that I can only hope to match.

At time of writing, Amatino is on the cusp of a bare-bones alpha release and public unveiling. There is a blog (you’re reading it!), newsletter, discussion forum, documentation section, and most importantly, a full-featured RESTful HTTP API providing double-entry accounting as a service.

Lots of stuff is still barely functional or not functional: The Swift, C# .NET, Python, and Javascript libraries, MacOS and Windows GUI clients.

So far Amatino been built by one person, me. I’ve worked on it after-hours and on weekends, fitting it in around my full time work as a game developer at Unknown Worlds, and techy farmer at Thornleigh Farm, two companies that I adore.

It has taken about four years to get to this point. I’m terrified about revealing Amatino to the world. There is so much work to be done. I’m bursting with excitement about receiving feedback from interested people (that’s you!) about what Amatino should do and how it should develop.

– Hugh