Availability & Performance Monitoring

If an API explodes in a forest, does it make a sound?

The scariest thing about launching Amatino is the idea that people might try to use it, and be met by a stream of errors. That is not true. It is not the errors that scare me: Errors are an inevitable part of development.

No it’s not the errors, it is the idea that I might not know the errors are occurring. Under the hood, Amatino does all the error handling, collating, and reporting that one would expect. But I wanted a way to see high level API health at a glance.

Enter the Availability and Performance pages. These pages give a quick snapshot of both what proportion of requests are succeeding (Availability), and how fast they are being served (Performance).

Amatino API performance histogram
Performance histogram available at https://amatino.io/monitoring/performance

If these things are going to be monitored, they might as well be public. I would like to publicise as much data about the Amatino API as possible, in order to build trust in the system.

Amatino API availability summary
Availability summary available at https://amatino.io/monitoring/availability

On my future wishlist are graphs describing total system load. For example, memory and CPU usage, cache hit/miss ratios. I’d also like to publish graphs breaking down request time by type.

If you have an idea for data you would like to see, please let me know in the forums!