Amatino Swift v0.0.5 Released

Amatino is a double entry accounting API, and Amatino Swift allows macOS & iOS developers to utilise Amatino in a Swift application. v0.0.5 is a major new Alpha release introducing the Ledger class, and some attendant smaller changes.

  • Added new Ledger class
  • Added new RecursiveLedger class
  • Added new LedgerPage class, a low level class underpinning Ledger and RecursiveLedger
  • Added new LedgerRow struct, used by Ledgers
  • parentAccount renamed to parent in AccountCreateArguments initialisers
  • AccountType is now inferred by AccountCreateArguments when a parent is supplied
  • Added new Account.create() async initialisers for various attribute mixes
  • Transaction will now throw ConstraintError if debits & credits do not balance on creation
  • Fixed a bug whereby all times sent to the Amatino API were in local system timezone rather than UTC
  • Added new Ledger-related unit tests

Retrieving a Ledger

Multiple Ledger.retrieve() overloads are available, allowing you to tailor the Ledger to your needs. For example, you might want to retrieve a specific timeframe or denominate the ledger in a particular unit (e.g. a non-native currency). You can also reverse-order the Ledger such that the first pages retrieves the most recent transactions.

RecursiveLedger syntax is identical to Ledger, but delivers every Transaction in the target Account and all of its children.


Amatino Swift may be installed via Carthage. Add github "amatino-code/amatino-swift"to your Cartfile.

Enjoy, and be sure to tell me what you think!

– Hugh