Amatino Swift 0.0.10 Released

A new version of Amatino Swift has been released. 0.0.10 adds some Custom Unit capabilities, slims some method signatures, and various smaller bits and pieces.

Note that release 0.0.9 was skipped for reasons of… science. 0.0.8 is the previously released Swift library version.

  • Big breaking change: Session is no longer required as an argument for Performance, Position, Transaction, Balance, and RecursiveBalance
  • Build out the previously useless CustomUnit, including .retrieve().create(), .createMany(), and update() methods
  • Added unit tests for new CustomUnit methods.
  • Simplify internal AmatinoObject protocol (no change to public API)
  • Entity now conforms to Equatable protocol
  • Add Entity.delete() method
  • Add EntityList object
  • Fixed a bug causing Ledger and RecursiveLedger iterators to skip the first row in the Ledger