Amatino Python 0.12 Released

Hot on the heels of 0.0.11, Amatino Python 0.0.12 has been released. 0.0.12 enhances the capabilities of the Position and Performance classes added in 0.0.11, and introduces the new Tree class.

  • Add Tree class
  • Add total account balance properties to Performance
  • Add total account balance properties to Position
  • Add tests for all new features

The new properties in Position and Performance give you quick access to key financial data describing an entity.

print("{name} total assets: ${assets}".format(,
# Example output:
# Mega Corp total assets: $1,543

Check out the Amatino Python documentation to see all the new properties.

The new Tree class is a beast, combining all accounts in an entity into a single recursive object, at a particular balance date. Like Position and Performance, Tree accounts are of type TreeNode, which means you have access to recursive and individual balances and other useful data.

from amatino import Tree
from datetime import datetime

tree = Tree.retrieve(

print("{name} equity: ${equity}".format(,

For detailed documentation of the properties and methods of the Tree class, check out the Amatino Python Documentation.

You can install Amatino via PyPi:

$ pip install amatino

Or, if you already have Amatino Python installed, upgrade:

$ pip install --upgrade amatino

Be sure to leave your feedback on the Amatino discussion forums, or on Twitter, we’d love to hear what you think about Amatino Python.