Amatino Python 0.0.11 Released

A new version of the Amatino Python library is now available! 0.0.11 introduces Python versions of the powerful Position and Performance objects.

  • Add Position class
  • Add Performance class
  • Add TreeNode class
  • Add Denominated protocol
  • Add Decodable protocol
  • Add tests for Position & Performance retrieval

The new Position & Performance classes map to the Amatino HTTP API Position & Performance objects. TreeNodes support the Position & Performance classes by representing Accounts in their hierarchies.

A Position is analogous to a balance sheet or statement of financial position. A Performance is analogous to an income statement or statement of financial performance.

You may retrieve the new objects like so:

from amatino import Performance

income_statement = Performance.retrieve(
  start_time=(datetime.utcnow() - timedelta(days=365))
from amatino import Position

balance_sheet = Position.retrieve(

For detailed documentation of the properties and methods of these new classes, check out the Amatino Python Documentation.

You can install Amatino via PyPi:

$ pip install amatino

Or, if you already have Amatino Python installed, upgrade:

$ pip install --upgrade amatino