Amatino API v0.0.23

A new version of the Amatino API is serving requests at v0.0.23 is mostly backwards compatible with v0.0.22.

  • Responses from /accounts will provide informative error messages when requests yield 400. In the past, such requests would only provide a generic “400 - Bad Request” response, making debugging difficult. You can now expect precise errors, such as “Missing "name" key” or “"description" value too long – max length 4096 characters.”
  • Fixed a bug wherein Accounts could sometimes be returned with missing keys
  • Account deletion requests now return data consistent with documentation. They previously returned an undocumented data structure
  • Account update requests previously demanded a unit key. This was inconsistent with global_unit_id demanded elsewhere, and with documentation. Update requests now demand the global_unit_id key as documented.
  • Nullable Account request fields (e.g. parent_account_id) are now optional. That is, you no longer need to include the key with a null value. You may continue to do so.
  • Eliminated PATCH support for /accounts. The method was seldom used, and offered little value given Transaction data cannot be destroyed through Account deletion.

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