Amatino API v0.0.10 Now Live

A new version of the Amatino API is now serving requests at 0.0.10 is probably backwards compatible with 0.0.9, because it only adds new features. However, you should not depend on backwards compatibility during the 0.0.X series of releases.

  • Add User List object at /users/list
  • Add Entity List object at /entities/list
  • Add tests for new features

Details of the User List and Entity List and how to retrieve them are available in the Amatino HTTP API documentation. Some extracts:

A User List is a collection of Users for whom the retrieving User has billing responsibility, and who were created using the Amatino API.

An Entity List enumerates the Entities that may be accessed by the retreiving User.

The use of these new objects is not immediately obvious, and they are ancillary to the core double-entry accounting functionality in Amatino. An example of Entity List usage might be displaying available Entities to a user in a client application.