Warning! Construction underway! Amatino is in an 'alpha' state. Not all features are operational. See roadmap

We take care of the accounting, so you can focus on your product. Developers can use Amatino to build financial functions into their apps.

It's super fast, secure, and respects your privacy.

Public Accounting API

The Amatino API (Application Programming Interface) provides an accounting engine as an on-demand service.

Amatino acts as white-label infrastructure, providing financial functionality to your application.


Double entry

Structure financial information into entities, accounts, transactions and entries


Record & retrieve transactions using dozens of built-in currency units, or create your own

Robust security

Layered encryption, multi-factor authentication, and dedication to privacy


Grant other users access to all or parts of an entity

Jurisdiction agnostic

Organise information to suit your chosen accounting standards

High performance

Amatino moves fast. Store, organise, and retrieve financial information at warp speed

AI free zone

We don't mine your data. We don't run machine-learning algorithms over your data. We don't sell insights gleaned from your data. We don't have a shady subsidiary selling aggregated metrics about your data to advertisers.

Comprehensive Docs

We don't enjoy undefined behaviour. The Amatino API's paths, methods, input and output types, limits, and behaviours are fully documented.

Open Source Libraries

Build financial functionality with expressive syntax. Choose from an array of languages & platforms, including Swift (macOS & iOS), JavaScript (Node.JS), and Python.

All source code is MIT licensed. Pull, feature, and issue requests welcomed with open arms.

Credit cash, debit power

Amatino is available via a monthly subscription. Our pricing strategy is simple: Offer you lots of accounting system for a bargain price.